Fried Hot Peppers

In the restaurant industry, chefs never eat lunch at lunchtime or dinner at dinnertime because we are usually cooking those meals for everyone else. There are two snacks that my family would always eat to tide us over until our late meals. One is sliced soppressatta and the other is those infamous fried (often hot) long Italian peppers.

Hot from the oven and slipped between some bread they become a tasty and addictive treat. Eating these peppers can become a game that I like to call… pepper roulette; because you just never know which pepper is going to be the very hot one. My brother Peter was so addicted to hot peppers that we named those few fiery ones after him. It is common to see a bunch of us in the kitchen, after the lunch rush, eating hot pepper sandwiches and waiting for someone to yell out…
“Ooooh! I just caught a Sneaky Pete!”

Usually, I fry these peppers in a skillet, but lately I have used this no fuss simple roasting technique.

  1. In a large bowl, toss 12 long Italian green peppers with 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, 6 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper.
  2. Spread out on a baking sheet and place in a preheated 400-degree oven until they are browned, blistered and softened.


  1. I have been trying to find packs of these to grow for years. so far the only ones I have found were portugal, which I was never able to find again, and cowhorn, which I can only find for 3.50 a piece at HD. whenever I go to a farmers market and ask for long hots I either get a confused look, or the couple times they acted like they knew what I was talkin about and handed me a pack of cayennes that ended up to be long, but very skinny. any help on a technical name?

    1. They have many Italian regional slang names and are commonly referred to as “Long Hots” or “Wax Peppers” but the technical Latin name is “Capsicum Baccatum”…they are in that family. I believe the Greeks and Romans brought them back from India.
      Hope i was helpful and thanks for visiting!


      1. I fried these the other night , and I experimented. Along with the olive oil and garlic, I added a small can of anchovies that I mashed until they disappeared . No need to add anymore salt. Delicious !! Give it a try ,Paulee. Union,NJ

      2. Great tip Paul! I often melt anchovies into pasta sauces. It adds a nice meaty complexity that diners can’t figure out. I also add anchovies to marinades…they’re especially delicious with lamb.
        All the best!

  2. thanks for replying. Fact is it seems every garden store/farmers market calls them something different or doesnt have them at all and gives me whatever they think is the closest they have to what I am asking for. I get a couple cowhorns from depot and then a few 4 packs of experimentals hoping to get lucky. Got cayennes from a farmers market that came with a picture on the stake that looks like long hots so hopefully ill get lucky. maybe ill go over the bridge to Philly and find a market there. Surely theyll know…I hope. god I love these peppers

      1. Nice! I buy them every day for my restaurant and we eat them every day and give them to customers on the house.
        My family loves them. I normally pay about 40 bucks for a case but last week the price came down to 20 a case cause they’re in season.

      2. Wow! I live right down the street from Springdale farms. Didn’t look this year but they didn’t have much for peppers for the last couple. I used to get them there all the time. Now I just go for the corn. mmmmmm, delicious sweet NJ corn…

  3. I am addicted to these peppers ! Was buying them at a local Italian grocer . Very expensive ! So glad to find recipe that is exactly like theirs .
    Ty 😀

  4. Was buying at the Italian grocer . They werent cheap . I am addicted to them !
    So easy to make and easy to find in the grocery store . Much cheaper too .
    Thanx for the recipe .
    I add absmall amount of stevia to the mixture. Just to give some sweetest .
    Love it !

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